NRN Archives Symposium Online!

Thanks to the University of Warwick, delegates, and those unable to attend, can now view those panels they missed online. Please click on the titles of the panels below (you may have to search through to find the start of your desired talk or panel – the times are included here after the links).

These links may only be online for a limited time – we’ll update you on this when we know.

10:00-11:00 – Keynote Address, East Lecture Theatre (00:17:50)

Chair: Claire Read

Professor Matthew Reason (York St. John University)

Archive, Place, Memory: The Resurrection of Joyce Reason

11:05-12:20 – Panels 1

a) Methodology: Beyond the Archive (East Lecture Theatre) (01:23:50)

Chair: Hannah Manktelow

Joanna Bucknall (University of Portsmouth)

Raising the ruins: (re)enactment and ‘remembering’ as a mode of documentation

Naomi Paxton (University of Manchester)

Standing where she stood: is it possible to glimpse the past in the present?

Emma Meehan (Coventry University)

Revisiting Lunar Parables: The Archives of Dublin Contemporary Dance Theatre

b) Performing the Archive (South Lecture Theatre) (00:14:40)

Chair: Cath Badham

Steven Paige (Plymouth University)

The Ties That Bind: Reusing Online Archival as an Interdisciplinary Artist

Jindeok Park (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama)

‘Archival Choreography’: exploring the transformative impact of the past on the present improvisation

12:20-1:10: Lunch, East Lecture Theatre

12.40-1.30: Special Exhibitions

East Lecture Theatre: Susan Croft (Rose Bruford College), ‘Unfinished Histories‘ 

Syndicate Rooms: Janine Cowell (University of Bristol/University of Exeter), ‘Someday just began’: Meeting, making and mounting memories in the field — an interactive exhibition

1:30-2:15 – Panels 2

a) The Distorted Archive (East Lecture Theatre) (00:00:00)

Chair: Madeleine Irwin

Conor Clarke (Plymouth University)


Nikolas Wakefield (Royal Holloway, University of London)

The Secret: or how throwing it away makes it appear

b) Practising Documentation (South Lecture Theatre) (00:01:35)

Chair: Janine Cowell

Allan Taylor (Falmouth University)

From presence to performativity: how the still image ‘does’

Rosanna Traina (University of Reading)

Transparency: Liberating the past, empowering the researcher

2:15-2:30 – Break

2.35-3:50- Panels 3

a) Digital Archives (East Lecture Theatre) (00:09:30)

Chair: Naomi Paxton

Claire Swyzen (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Tim Etchells’ A Broadcast/Looping Pieces: of memory and making sense of data

Leah Dungay (Plymouth University)

‘That B**** Ruined My Walk’: Exploring Protest through an Online Media Archive

Becca Savory (University of Exeter/NIAS)

Popular performance online: the archive is the medium is the message

b) Archiving Companies (South Lecture Theatre) (00:07:55)

Chair: Helen Gush

Catherine Trenchfield (Royal Holloway, University of London)

The Kneehigh Archive & The Asylum – archive and ‘repertoire’

Ella Hawkins (University of Warwick)

From physical to digital: curating an archive for Dash Arts

Sally Barnden (King’s College, London)

Liveness, photography and the RSC’s Dreams, 1954-77

3.50-4.05: Break

4:10-4:55 – Panels 4

a) Documenting Cities (East Lecture Theatre) (00:01:28)

Chair: Adelina Ong

Nela Milic (Goldsmiths, University of London/Middlesex University London)

Materialising Site

Beatrice Jarvis (Goldsmiths, University of London/University of Ulster/Kingston University)

(fragments) Das Duett des Leibes und der Stadt Verschieben Stadt

b) Recordings & Notations (South Lecture Theatre) (00:00:50)

Chair: Emer McHugh

Rebecca Stancliffe (Coventry University)

The ontological status of the score in live performance and in the documentation and dissemination of choreographic practice

Poppy Corbett (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Archiving the voice: Alecky Blythe and the Recorded Delivery technique.

5:00-5.45 – Roundtable, East Lecture Theatre (00:55:50)

Chairs: Chris Dingwall-Jones and Sarah Penny

Hannah Manktelow (University of Nottingham/The British Library)

Reclaiming Regional Theatre History with the British Library Playbill Collection

Helen Gush (Queen Mary, University of London/Victoria & Albert Museum)

‘Active things, speaking’: Reimagining archival material for a Theatre and Performance context

Barbara Roland (ULB)

Speaking for the reality: How to make present the absence

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